Persian baby names

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Top 10 Persian baby names

1 Azadeh girl Persia
2 Corey boy Persia
3 Ib boy Persia
4 Taraneh girl Persia
5 Yasmine girl Persia
6 Gaspar boy Persia
7 Tabb boy Persia
8 Arezou boy Persia
9 Zuleika girl Persia
10 Sephtis boy Persia

About Persia

The Persian Empire was a series of historical empires that ruled over the Iranian plateau and beyond. Generally, the earliest entity considered a part of the Persian Empire is Persia's Achaemenid dynasty (648330 BC), a united Aryan kingdom that originated in the region now known as Pars province of Iran and was formed under Cyrus the Great. Successive states in Iran prior to 1935 are collectively called the Persian Empire by Western historians. [source: Wikipedia]

Persian baby names

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